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About Welcoming Post and Forms

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Welcome to the community everyone. I'm Rachel, but you can simply call me Chibi for short. I am one of the maintainers of this little place; cheetachan is the other one. I'm sure she'll introduce herself as well. After all, this place was her idea. Please make sure you read the information page. It has everything you need to know about posting here. The current background theme is a tribute to Tommy Oliver. Yes, his turbo morph is missing, but I don't have a turbo ep with that. Also, that was the time he changed hands... Anyway, I'm posting some forms below so that you can become either an author here or make requests.

Author Application Form



 What you write/want to write:

 Common couples you like or use often:

 Link to any of your PR work:

 Why you want to take requests:

Request Application Form

Title: (if known)






Anything else: (Here's the place to include specific details or places you want seen in the fic as well as lyrics to songs)

Contact me: (List any ways that an author can contact you. This is required!)
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Date:August 2nd, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)

Author Application Form



What you write/want to write:PR Couples I would write about anything given to me

Common couples you like or use often: Tommy&Kim, Leo&Kendrix,Blake&Tori, Conner/Trent&Kira, Wes&Jen

Link to any of your PR work:

Why you want to take requests: Well I really like writing PR Fanfics especially Tommy and Kim and sometimes I don't know what readers would like to see in my work so I would like to please them. I also wnat to share my writings with other ranger fans because when I started liking them thought no writer would actually get the same basic idea I had and I never found a writing with an idea I wanted. I hope you accept me.

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Date:August 2nd, 2006 11:58 pm (UTC)

Re: Author Application Form

Your application is good as is your will to write. I just have one more task for you. Write a scene using a Tommy/Kim coupling. At least 200 words, but no max limit. Keep it something general and every day, not romantic. I know Tommy/Kim best. If you want something more specific, let me know and I'll give it.
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