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Fic request - Ranger Request Headquarters

About Fic request

Previous Entry Fic request Mar. 5th, 2013 @ 06:05 pm
Title: N/A

Rating: PG or PG-13 (not sure what that is in fanfic terms)

Characters: Leo Corbett

Setting: Either Terra Venture or Mirinoi

Plot: Leo whump

Summary: Basically, I would like to see something with Leo getting hurt.  It can either be during a fight or through torture or both.  Either way, Leo should be captured and the team has to come to his rescue. (kind of an expansion on the episode where he is taken prisoner by Trakeena, but not necessarily the same).  Please no pairing him with anyone though.  I'm not a fan of shipping, especially where slash is involved and among team members.  I'm game for bringing in Rangers from the incarnations before Lost Galaxy though.  The more the merrier in my opinion, as long as it makes sense to have them there.  Also, prophecies always make things interesting.

Anything else: See above summary.  Hope I did it right.

Contact me: sheppardkid@gmail.com or on here as sheppardkid
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