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Welcome to Ranger Request Central, a site where you can make requests for Power Rangers fanfiction that you would like to see written. We've gathered some willing authors from around the fanfic universe to help out. There's only a few of us now, but in time we hope to grow in numbers so that we can cover all of the PR universe.

Rules for Requests:

1. All ratings can be requested. If your request is about R, place it behind a cut. No questions.
2. Make sure you include all necessary information in a post. If an author lacks a piece you forgot to give, don't blame them later!
3. Use the correct form when making a request. Form Here
4. If you'd like to be an author, please apply with this form Form Here
5. Do not heckle the author about finishing quickly. Good fics take time!
6. Fic belongs to the author, and they may post it on any Internet site that allows Power Ranger fanfiction.
7. Enjoy yourself and have fun here!

Rules for Authors:

1. When you say you’ll do a request, follow through.
2. Read all details carefully and make sure to contact the requester with any questions you may have.
3. Post the finished requested piece within the community so that feedback can be received.
4. When posting finished pieces, remember to include the original challenge/request in the beginning of the post.
5. If you post the fic elsewhere, give credit where it’s due. Remember to give idea credit to whomever asked you to write the fic.
6. Enjoy yourself and have fun here!